African penguin infant of a row of blue penguin silhouettes.

Hidden Penguins Revealed!


For World Penguin Day (April 25) we hid 25 penguins throughout the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers site. Did you find them all? Check below!


25 penguins can be found in:


     Sloth bear (1)

     Leafcutter ant (1)

     Desert tortoise (1)

     Koala (1)

     New Guinea singing dog (1)

     African penguin (1)

     Polar bear (1)

     White rhino (1)



     Caring for platypuses (1)

     Animal checkups (1)

     Wild locals (1)

     Cool, not creepy (1)

     Big, beautiful birds (1)

     It "bears" repeating (1)

     Fantastic frogs (1)

     Gardening with cassowaries (1)

     Gotcha! Carnivorous plants (1)

     Owls and squirrels? (1)



     Coloring page: African penguins (1)

     Word safari: endangered species (1)

     Crash course (1)

     How could you forget? (1)

     Fuzzy caterpillar buddy (1)