Fuzzy caterpillar buddy

Fuzzy caterpillar buddy


Some caterpillars are covered with smooth skin, but others have bristly hairs. This kind of fuzzy covering helps discourage some predators from eating the caterpillar.


Materials for craft

What you need

  • 8 1-inch sparkly¬†tinsel pom-poms
  • 2 small googly eyes (or a couple of 3mm black pom-poms)
  • 4-inch-long piece of recycled telephone wire or thin floral wire
  • White glue
Connecting pom-poms


Use glue to connect one pom-pom to the next in a straight line. After all 8 pom-poms are connected, let them dry for about 20 minutes.

Glue eyes on the front of the caterpillar.

Adding antennae


Place the wire underneath and between the first and second pom-pom. Bring it up over the "head" to form antennae.

If you want to, bend the tips of the wire into small balls like you see on some caterpillars' antennae. style