A baby koala, or joey, crawls across a wood branch

Baby talk

A ridgeback puppy lays on a blanket

What do you call baby animals—besides cute? While you probably know baby dogs are puppies and baby cats? Kittens, of course! But other creatures in the Animal Kingdom have some fun—and funny—names!

A baby echidna, or puggle, held in a keeper's hands.

Pouch patrol

When a kangaroo or koala has a bundle of joy, it's called a joey. But did you know a mother echidna's little one is a puggle?

A hippo calf opens its mouth wide

Cubs and calves

When hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses expand their family, the addition is a calf. Lions, and tigers, and bears? Oh my! Those all have cubs!

Three red river hog babies stand together

A number of names

Some animals come with more than one name: a baby binturong? That's a pup or kitten. Hog and boar offspring are called shoats or farrows. And while many bird species produce chicks, a peacock has a peachick and a partridge egg hatches into a cheeper!

Baby gorilla laying across her mother's arm as she's being carried

Primate primer

Other animals, such as primates like gorillas and monkeys, give birth to infants—does that sound like any other kind of baby to you? That's right! Humans. Next time you go to the zoo, see how many babies you can see—and name!