Wildlife Explorers Corner Episode 4: Misunderstood Meat Eaters

In Episode 4, Misunderstood Meat Eaters, you’ll learn about carnivores and why they are important to ecosystems. Dr. Zoolittle guides you through another fun-filled adventure with Roberta the Zebra, where you can play the “Name That CarnCarnivoreivia game and watch an experiment that shows a smelly difference between herbivores and carnivores. Ewwww! You’ll also discover what an apex predator is as Host OliHosttakes you to Arizona Sonora Desert MDesertto see the endangered Mexican gray wolf. Then, Host MicHoste brings you to the Carolina Raptor CRaptorto demonstrate that not all carnivores are predators. Listen to funny jokes and join in the making of fantastic lion crafts, even an edible one!

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