Prehensile Play Finished Activity Photo

Prehensile play


This craft will have you swinging with the monkeys!


Materials: printed monkeys, chenille stamps, scissors, hole punch, markers

What you need

  • Printed monkeys on white card stock—make as many as you like, but the more you make, the more fun it is to play the game.
  • Pre-cut chenille stems (or pipe cleaners): each monkey needs ½ chenille stem for the tail and two ¼ stems for hands
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Markers in different colors
Monkey outlines with markers


Use this template to print or trace some monkeys. Use markers to color in your monkeys. Cut out your monkeys.

Punching holes


Punch holes for each monkey's hands and tail.

Making tail


Attach chenille stems by threading them through the holes and twisting the end back on itself. Bend the ends of each chenille stem into a hook shape. There will be a large hook for the tail and short hooks for the hands.

Drop all but one of the monkeys on the floor or ground.


Finished monkey


Use the remaining monkey to pick up the others. Yes! You can use only the hook to hook on to another monkey. You can hook a hand or a tail. Both are prehensile!