Final Lizard Lair Image

Lizard lair


Lizards make good neighbors because they eat insects and snails that might otherwise hurt plants in your garden. And if you have places for lizards to seek shelter, they will feel welcome in your yard.

A home for a lizard doesn’t need to be very big or complicated. If you pile up stones (fist-sized or larger), a lizard can squeeze into the spaces between the rocks to hide and rest. You can also make a lizard shelter that’s covered with camouflage—here’s how!


Materials needed

What you need

  • 1 cardboard box (a shoebox works, but so will something smaller. In this example, we used a box that held business cards)
  • Leaves from bushes and trees around your yard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
Cutting an opening in box


Cut an opening in one end of the cardboard box.

Gluing leaves to the box.


Use glue to cover all the surfaces of the box with leaves. Make some leaves overlap each other.

Placing finished Lizard lair on ground


When the glue has dried (usually overnight), place the Lizard Lair on the ground in a good spot, such as under a bush or in tall grass or weeds. Why not make another one? The more homes you have around the outside of your home, the more lizard “neighbors” you may have!