Meerkat family

A team effort

Leaf-cutter ants working together to carry a leaf

When you have a big job to do, sometimes it's easier with a little help from a friend or two!

Female lion with four cubs

A matter of pride

Lions are the only cats that live in a group, which is called a pride. Each lion has a role in the pride: hunting, taking care of the cubs, and protecting the territory.

A group of five meerkats huddle together

Colony cooperation

Meerkats spread the work around as well. One colony member is the guard, watching for predators. Other meerkats take care of the babies, while others dig burrows and look for food.

A pair of ravens sit atop a car hood, one staring into the camera.

A band of birds

Some birds also team up. Crows, ravens, and magpies form family groups to defend a territory or when nesting. Some types of pelicans will work together when hunting for food. There is even teamwork between species: chickadees and nuthatches will join forces to drive away a predator.

Fruit bats roosting together on a tree branch

Going batty

Bats roost together in a tree or cave for safety and to stay warm. They know there's strength in numbers! You can find out more really cool things about one species of bat, the Rodrigues fruit bat, by watching this video!