Mother lemur Rosalie with her twins riding on her back.

Twins for Rosalita!

Mother lemur Rosalie with her new twins riding on her back.

A new addition to the Madagascar Forest habitat in Africa Rocks at the Zoo is doubly cute—and twice the fun! Ring-tailed lemur Rosalita gave birth to twin babies in early July, and the adorable boy and girl are keeping her busy.

Rosalie holding her little babies to her chest.

Hang on tight

At first, the babies—who don’t have names yet—spent a lot of time clinging to their mother’s belly as she moved around the lemur habitat, often nursing and then taking time to relax in the sun. The ring-tailed lemur troop has been very respectful and welcoming of the new additions.

Rosalie with one of her twins visible on her back, as Armand stands behind them.

Family matters

Their father, Armand, has been seen grooming Rosalita on occasion—and twin half-siblings Meva and Tsiky have been getting several sneak peeks of their future playmates (they were born back in February).

Rosalita with one of her small twins on her back.

Up and growing

At about 3 to 4 weeks of age, the twins started to spend time riding on mom’s back; and when they are 3 to 4 months old, Rosalita will encourage the twins to explore and play on their own—and maybe with their older siblings. It’s family time!