Baby Giant panda

Fuzzy friends

Red panda

Fuzzy animals seem to always make us smile! Fuzzy fur helps keep some animals warm, dry, and safe.

Koala mom and joey sitting on her back

G'day, mate!

Koalas have very wooly fur that keeps rain from soaking through to their skin. The fur on their rear end is extra thick, forming a soft cushion when the koala sits in the fork of a tree.

Giant panda

Black-and-white beauties

A giant panda's coarse fur traps body heat to keep the bear warm (like a blanket helps you!). The black and white coloring of its fur makes the panda more easily seen by other pandas—that is important because although pandas are solitary, males and females need to find each other for mating.

Meerkat baby

You can't see me!

The color of a meerkat's fur depends on where it lives. Its coloring helps it camouflage with its surroundings. A meerkat that lives along a river usually has sand-colored fur. But a meerkat that lives farther from the river often has a reddish coat that matches the color of the soil.