Tapir door hanger completed activity

Tapir door hanger


Tapirs leave their scent to advertise their territory, but you can make a cool door hanger to let everyone know which bedroom is yours!


Materials: cardboard, tapir picture, glue, googly eye, markers

What you need

Cutting out the door hanger


Print and color the picture of the tapir. Cut the picture out along the outline. Draw a 2-inch-diameter circle at one end of the cardboard or fun foam. Cut along the outside of the circle to make a hole. (This is where you will slip it over the doorknob.)

Door hanger closeup


Glue the tapir picture onto the cardboard or fun foam. Glue googly eye onto the picture. Write a message on your door hanger, such as "Don't be nosy" or "This place is my space."