Sweet Polar Bear Treat Activity Photo

Sweet polar bear treat


Make a few marshmallow polar bears and use them to decorate a cake! You could even make some polar bear cubs using small marshmallows.


Materials: marshmallows, white frosting, chocolate chip, raisin

What you need

  • 4 whole, large marshmallows
  • 1 small marshmallow (or just add another large marshmallow and cut small bits off of it)
  • White frosting
  • 1 chocolate chip
  • 1 raisin
Frosting the marshmallow


Use frosting to connect two of the whole marshmallows to form the polar bear's body.

Forming the polar bear's head


Make the polar bear's head. Use your fingers to squeeze and smush the end of one of the large marshmallows so that it is narrower than the opposite end. Use frosting to attach the chocolate chip onto the bear's head like a nose.

Cutting smaller pieces


Cut or tear the raisin in half and use frosting to attach the raisin halves on either side of the bear's head like eyes. If you have a small marshmallow, cut or tear it into two equal pieces. Use frosting to attach them to the top of the bear's head where ears should go. Cut the remaining large marshmallow into 4 long pieces. These will be the bear's legs.

Sweet bear treat


Use frosting to "glue" the legs to the bear's body. Doesn't he look "beary" yummy?