Predator Practice Completed Activity Photo

Predator practice


Big cats like tigers, lions, leopards, and cheetahs are known for their great vision and coordination, which make them good hunters. A hunting cat must make a quick decision about which animal to take and needs good aim to make the attack. Find out how fast you think and how good your aim is in this game.


Materials: paper cups, black marker, dice, pennies

What you need


  • 12 small paper or plastic cups
  • Black pen or marker
  • Dice
  • Pennies
Rolling the dice


Number the cups 1 through 12. Write the number both on the outside of the cup and inside the rim. Place the cups face up on a flat surface like a table. Mix up the numbers.

Hold a penny in one hand, and roll the dice with the other. Quickly add up the number on the dice and toss the penny into the cup with that number. You should toss the penny no more than 3 seconds after you roll the dice.

Cups and dice


If you miss, try again. Keep track of the number of times you toss the penny before you successfully get it in the cup. The lower your score, the better a “hunter” you are!