Lion Mask Completed Activity Photo

Lion mask


The big, fluffy mane of a male lion makes him look bigger to his rivals, but to humans, it just looks cool! Join the pride, by making a lion mask, and pretend to be the king of the savanna. Let's roar!


Finished mask

What you need

  • Paper plate
  • Brown or tan paint, crayon, or marker
  • Black or brown marker
  • Brown, yellow, pink, and orange construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
Adding curled paper


Paint or color the back of a paper plate brown or tan. Cut out 2 holes where your eyes will look through. Cut out 2 half circles from the brown construction paper to make the ears.

Cut out 2 slightly smaller half circles from the pink paper (these will be the insides of the ears). Glue the pink half circles onto the brown pieces. Glue each ear onto either side of the paper plate, just above the eyes. Cut out a large, rounded triangle from the yellow construction paper, and a smaller, rounded triangle from the pink construction paper.

Curling paper strips for mane


Glue the pink triangle onto the yellow triangle positioned as shown in the photograph of the finished mask. Attach the entire piece to the mask just under the eye holes. Use a marker to draw a mouth, whiskers, and spots. Cut many 4-inch-long and 1/2-inch-wide strips of yellow, brown, and orange construction paper. Roll each strip around a pencil to make it curl. Glue the curled strips around the edge of the plate to make the mane.