Leafy animal craft

Leafy animal craft


Sometimes, a fun craft project does grow on trees! Actually, you're going to use what grows on trees—leaves—to create your own cool animal art project. Start looking in your yard and on the sidewalk for leaves you might like to use.


Materials needed for the craft

What you need

  • Leaves of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Pick them up from the ground, or, with your parent's permission, carefully snip just a few off living plants and trees around your home.
  • Construction paper
  • White glue
  • Paper towels
  • Something large, heavy, and flat to press the leaves with (like a big, heavy book or a frying pan)
Arranged leaves


Rinse the leaves in a sink and let them dry.

On a large piece of construction paper, lay out some of the leaves and see what animals their shapes remind you of. Use your imagination! Move the leaves around and place them together and on top of one another to form animals. Perhaps some leaves can be feet and others eyes, feathers, or claws!

Elephant leaf pattern


When you have decided where to place the leaves to create an animal, use white glue on the backs of the leaves to carefully glue everything together and keep it in that shape. Then glue the whole animal shape to the construction paper. Set the paper aside somewhere safe and let the glue dry.

When the glue is dry, put a paper towel over the animal shape and then place the heavy, flat object on top. Leave it that way for a day or two, so the leaves will become nice and flat. Now you have your own leafy animal work of art that you can hang in your room!