Handy Elephant Completed Activity Photo

Handy elephant


Elephants live in groups called herds. Invite your family and friends to give you a "hand" creating a herd of happy elephants!


Materials: construction paper, markers, glue, scissors

What you need

  • Construction paper: white, green, and brown or gray
  • Colored markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White glue or a glue stick
  • An adult or friend to help
Hand on paper


Put one hand down on the gray or brown piece of construction paper. Be sure to hold very still! Ask an adult (or brother, sister, or friend) to trace the outline of your hand. Next, you trace their hand. 

Cut out both hands and flip them so the fingers are on the bottom: these are the elephant’s legs. The thumb is the elephant’s trunk. Draw two shapes of a capital letter D on the gray or brown paper for the ears. Cut them out and glue these to the sides of the elephants’ heads. You can make large ears for an African elephant or smaller ears for an Asian elephant.

Elephant hand prints


Use the markers to draw eyes, a mouth and a tail on your elephants. Arrange the elephants on the white paper and glue them in place. If you wish, you may cut a white chenille stem (or pipe cleaner) in half, then glue the halves on either side of the trunk to represent tusks.

On the green piece of paper, draw and cut out shapes of leaves or grass. Arrange and glue these to the paper, to give the elephants a habitat.