Cat Match Completed Activity Photo

Cat match


Look at a close-up picture of a lion's face, and you'll see dots where each whisker comes out of the skin. The dot pattern on each lion is different. Wildlife scientists use the pattern of these whisker spots to tell one lion from another—and you can too!

See how good your memory is (and make it even stronger) by making and playing this game.


What you need

  • At least 2 copies of pages with lion faces (click here to download both project files pdf 1 pdf 2)
  • At least 2 pieces of colored construction paper (you will need 1 piece of construction paper for each page of lion faces)
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors


Use the glue stick to attach the lion faces to a sheet of construction paper. You can use all the same color paper, or use a different color for each sheet to make a more colorful set of cards.

Make whisker spots on the lion faces. BE SURE TO MAKE THE TOP AND BOTTOM FACES MATCH.




Flip one card over and notice the whisker spot pattern.

Turn another card over and see if it matches.

If it does, take the two cards out and set them beside you. If the cards DO NOT match, turn them face down again.

Whoever matches the most lion faces wins.